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Technology Innovation Hub established by IIIT Hyderabad has Data-driven technologies at the core of its operations. The Hub has been commissioned to support and augment the ongoing research and training programmes of IIIT Hyderabad in the verticals of Machine Translation, Smart Mobility, Data Foundation, Smart Healthcare, Smart Buildings, Smart Systems to name a few. The Foundations of Modern Machine Learning is a year long intensive and immersive hands-on training program to help the undergraduate engineering students all over India to get acquainted with the mathematical fundamentals of machine learning. The first offering of FMML was in Oct 2021 which got over in July 2022. A few testimonials from students who participated in the course are archived herewith.

Kowshik Nandagopan : FMML is different from other online courses through the human level interaction that FMML provides.

Sai Mahathi : FMML has a very good curated content combined with separate tutorial projects helped me to gain a strong understanding about fundamentals of modern machine learning.

Daksha Joshi : Live interaction with faculty is the highlight of this course, where doubts can be cleared easily.

Lalitha : Weekly hands-on sessions and office hours helped me a lot. I would like to enroll for advanced modern machine learning course, if it is announced.

S Harish : Crisp and clear contents has helped me in understanding foundations of machine learning. I recommend the course to other junior students.

“I am from IIIT Hyderabad. The projects and assignments helped me a lot.”

Sreemaye A : The feel of a live classroom was present throughout the course. Coding was a bit tough in the initial phase. The course met my expectations.

“Prof Anoop had a unique way of teaching and interactions helped me clear lot of doubts.”

Purvansh B : I loved the lab sessions as it helped me connect to the theory sessions very well.

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