Research Fellowships – 2023

Nayan’s Journey: 

Greetings, I am Nayan, and I’m thrilled to take you on a voyage through my career, a journey that showcases the undeniable importance of teamwork and resilience in achieving remarkable success.
In this dynamic world, quarterly presentations and feedback sessions have played a pivotal role in shaping not only my projects but also my personal growth. I vividly remember how daunting constructive criticism used to be, but today, I see it as an invaluable tool for improvement.

These sessions have broadened my horizons and taught me the true essence of embracing feedback as an opportunity for development.

One of the most enlightening aspects of my journey has been the privilege of collaborating with an incredibly creative team. Working in an innovative environment pushed me out of my comfort zone and cultivated unconventional problem-solving skills. Challenges that came our way were met with strategic thinking and brief breaks, which sharpened my critical thinking abilities. But none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of my team, both professionally and personally. Together, we achieved noteworthy results, even leading to publications that I’m truly proud of. 

Furthermore, this journey has underscored the incredible power of collaborative teamwork and unwavering determination as catalysts for professional growth. I’ve learned firsthand how challenges can be transformed into stepping stones to success, and that’s a lesson I’ll carry with me throughout my career. 

I’d also like to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to IIITH Data IHub Foundation. Without their support and resources, my journey wouldn’t have been the same. They’ve been instrumental in my growth, and I owe a significant part of my success to their unwavering support. 

As I look ahead to the future, I hope that my experiences can inspire and motivate you in your own professional pursuits. Remember that every challenge you encounter is an opportunity in disguise, and with the right team and unwavering determination, you can turn those challenges into stepping stones towards your own remarkable success. 

Thank you for joining me on this incredible voyage of discovery. Together, let’s continue to embrace the power of teamwork and resilience as we chart our courses to new horizons in our careers. 

Dharani Tejaswini – Navigating the Realm of Research and Data Management

I am thrilled to share with you my incredible journey within the RESIDE project, a voyage filled with challenges, growth, and the rewards of collaborative research. Through this project, I have honed my management and analytical skills, faced unique challenges head-on, and had the privilege of working alongside some of the brightest minds in the field. Working on the RESIDE project has been nothing short of transformative.

It provided me with an exceptional opportunity to enhance my management and analytical skills, particularly in the intricate phases of data collection and cleaning. Handling vast datasets, comprising millions of records, initially presented a daunting challenge. However, our meticulous approach to cleaning and formatting the data paved the way for uncovering novel insights and facilitated the training of our simulation models. 

Engaging in discussions with the esteemed faculty and scholars at IIITH Data IHub has been an invaluable aspect of my journey. These interactions not only broadened my horizons regarding research problems but also offered fresh perspectives on potential solutions. Moreover, they significantly contributed to improving my presentation skills, a crucial asset in the world of academia and research. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of our work was the collection of electricity data from multiple homes over the course of a year. However, the dynamic nature of residential occupancy posed a unique challenge. Homes saw residents move in and out, necessitating meticulous checks and tracking of these changes during our regular surveys every 3-4 months. This level of detail was essential to ensure the accuracy of our data. 

A true testament to the support and commitment of the team came to light when we sought funding for a research paper accepted at the Energy Informatics conference in Germany. After thorough discussions among team members, they promptly approved funding for the paper. This seamless process underscored the team’s dedication to fostering our research endeavors and highlighted the collaborative spirit that defines the RESIDE project. 

In retrospect, my journey within the RESIDE project has imparted significant skills and knowledge. Presentation skills, data analytics, and the ability to collaborate effectively have been my key takeaways. These experiences have not only expanded my skill set but have also ignited a passion for research excellence within me. 

As I look ahead to the future, I am excited about the endless opportunities that lie on the horizon. The journey under the RESIDE project has not only equipped me with the necessary tools but has also kindled my passion for research. I remain deeply grateful for the unwavering support and guidance of IIITH Data IHub Foundation, as well as the wisdom and mentorship of the esteemed professors. Without their help, this journey would not have been possible. 

Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure, and I look forward to contributing further to the world of research and data management. 

Shishir Maurya: Navigating the Path of Continuous Learning and Growth 

Today, I’m delighted to reflect on my journey during the fellowship, an experience that has shaped me both personally and professionally. It’s challenging to pinpoint a single event that stands out above the rest because what I value most is the cumulative learning experience that unfolded over the course of my time here. However, if I were to highlight one particular aspect that has been truly transformative, it would be the review meetings – those

regular gatherings where fellow researchers and faculty members came together to share insights, feedback, and ideas. 

These review meetings were invaluable to me, both personally and professionally. The interactions with my peers and mentors during these sessions left a profound impact. It was in these moments that I truly grasped the significance of a collaborative community. These interactions weren’t just academic; they were transformative. They enriched my thought process and elevated my understanding of various research topics. 

Being part of this community, thanks to the support of IIITH Data IHub Foundation and the guidance of our esteemed professors, has undoubtedly been one of the best experiences of my recent years. Beyond the financial support, engaging with fellow researchers and faculty members allowed me to crystallize my thoughts and streamline my research goals. The knowledge and experience I gained played a pivotal role in enhancing the clarity of my research presentations, resulting in refinements in my experiments and data analysis. 

My research journey involved the collection of empirical electricity data from ordinary residential units. This endeavor presented its own set of unique challenges, from negotiating with homeowners to install data acquisition equipment with minimal disruption to dealing with hardware and server-related issues leading to system crashes and data-stream interruptions. Managing all these intricacies and ensuring the quality of data collected proved to be a significant challenge. However, the skills in thought organization and calm problem-solving that I acquired during the fellowship guided me through these hurdles. 

I fondly remember my first review meeting, where I had to present a brief overview of my research in a limited timeframe. During my presentation, I exceeded the allotted time and was gently interrupted. One of the faculty members on the panel noted that I seemed to possess significant industry and professional experience and encouraged me to set a benchmark for other fellowship holders. This feedback resonated with me and motivated me to refine my work. I am pleased to share that I went on to receive the second-ranked best paper in the symposium organized by iHub. This recognition not only boosted my confidence but also brought a smile to my face when I received the accompanying gift voucher. 

As I conclude my journey in this fellowship, I am deeply grateful for the lessons I’ve learned. I’ve honed the skill of thought organization and improved my presentation abilities. The interactions with fellow researchers and faculty members have elevated my work to higher standards. The review meetings have enhanced my concentration and made me a more attentive listener. These are just a few of the countless lessons I’ll carry with me throughout my life. 

In sum, my time in this fellowship, made possible by IIITH Data IHub Foundation and the guidance of our professors, has been a journey of continuous learning and growth. It has been an enriching experience that has not only refined my professional skills but has also left a lasting impression on my personal development. The community, the challenges, the successes, and the camaraderie have all played a part in shaping the researcher and person I am today. 

Spanddhana Sara: Overcoming Challenges and Growing through Research: My Journey with Sensors and the IHub Community 

I’d like to share a part of my research journey that taught me valuable lessons about resilience, adaptability, and the importance of community support. My research is centered around sensors, and I initially assumed that they would always work seamlessly. However, I soon learned that the real world can be far from ideal, and this realization brought its own set of challenges.

Stress was a constant companion as I struggled to obtain the desired results from my research, which heavily depended on sensor data. The sensors, it turned out, didn’t always behave as expected. This was a pivotal moment for me as I understood that in the realm of research, you can’t take anything for granted. 

Being part of the IHub community played a crucial role in my journey. The quarterly presentations I made on my research progress allowed me to gain confidence in my work. The feedback and comments provided by the professors and fellow researchers were instrumental in guiding me in the right direction. It was through these interactions that I realized the importance of community support in research endeavors. 

One of the primary challenges I faced was the inconsistency in the data collected from the sensors. They were often inaccurate. To address this issue, I delved into the world of sensor calibration, using a reference to fine-tune their accuracy. It was a valuable learning experience that allowed me to overcome a significant hurdle in my research. 

Through collaboration with the IHub community, I had the opportunity to learn about various research projects being undertaken by fellow researchers. Engaging in discussions and sharing knowledge across different fields expanded my horizons and enriched my understanding of diverse research areas. 

Public presentations were initially intimidating for me, but due to the regularity of these sessions, I gradually gained confidence in presenting my work. This newfound confidence in public speaking is a skill that I believe will stay with me throughout my career. 

I want to express my deep gratitude to IIITH Data IHub Foundation and the professors who have been guiding lights in my research journey. Without their support and mentorship, navigating the challenges I encountered with sensors and research would have been far more daunting. 

In conclusion, my research journey has been a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs. It has taught me resilience, adaptability, and the value of a supportive community. As I continue to explore the world of sensors and research, I remain thankful for the lessons learned and the growth achieved along the way.

Anis Fatema: The Journey of Challenges and Triumphs: Reflections on My Project in the iiHub Community

Hello everyone, 
Today, I want to share a glimpse of my project journey, a path filled with challenges, camaraderie, and the sweet taste of success. As we all know, the best moment in any project is when we finally witness the expected results displayed on the screen. It’s a moment that makes all the struggles, hardware design, and code debugging worthwhile. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of being a part of the IHub community is the influence it has on our personalities and work ethics. I am surrounded by brilliant researchers who are not only passionate about their own work but also eager to help others with valuable feedback and suggestions. This environment pushes me to give my absolute best, constantly motivating me in my research endeavors. 

In my project, I faced a significant challenge related to sensor calibration and reliability. With 2048 sensor pixels to calibrate in my design, it was no small feat. However, the power of collective brainstorming within the community and the guidance of my mentor, Prof. Aftab Hussain, played a pivotal role in helping us overcome this challenge. Together, we found innovative solutions that led to success. 

Throughout this journey, I’ve learned the profound importance of time and task management. Keeping a close eye on timelines and diligently working towards completing milestones has been crucial. Additionally, I’ve discovered the art of presenting our work efficiently, a skill that has proven to be invaluable. 

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to IIITH Data IHub Foundation and the professors who have been guiding lights in my project. Their support, mentorship, and unwavering belief in our potential have been instrumental in our achievements. Without their guidance, this journey would have been far more challenging. 

In conclusion, my project journey has been a testament to the power of perseverance, collaboration, and the support of a nurturing community. As I continue to explore the world of research and innovation, I carry with me the valuable lessons learned and the confidence to face new challenges head-on. 

Sai Ganesh Mirishkar: Crowdsourcing Data Collection: A Journey in Building Speech Technology Solutions 

I’d like to share my journey in the world of data collection for building Speech Technology solutions, a path filled with valuable interactions, challenges, and significant learning experiences. This venture not only allowed me to engage with new individuals but also provided me with a deeper understanding of diverse problem-solving approaches. Interacting with new people has been a highlight of this journey. It’s always fascinating to connect with individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives, and these interactions exposed me to various dimensions of problem-solving. Learning how

others tackle challenges has expanded my own problem-solving toolkit. 

One of the central tasks in this endeavor was collecting databases from the field. This aspect, while rewarding, posed its own set of challenges. Data collection can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring meticulous attention to detail and the ability to navigate real-world scenarios. However, the journey taught me resilience and determination as I worked diligently to gather valuable data. 

Overall, this journey has been a rewarding one. I’ve learned several new skills and approaches, particularly in the realm of engaging the crowd in the process of data collection. The power of collective effort is evident in crowdsourcing, and understanding how to effectively engage individuals in this process has been invaluable. 

Another important aspect of this journey has been adopting a cross-modal approach to problem analysis. This approach involves considering multiple dimensions and perspectives when tackling complex problems. It has enriched my problem-solving capabilities and expanded my horizons. 

I must express my deep gratitude to IIITH Data IHub Foundation and the professors who have been a guiding force throughout this journey. Their support, mentorship, and insights have been instrumental in shaping the path I have walked. Without their guidance, this journey would not have been possible. 

In conclusion, my experience in crowdsourced data collection for Speech Technology solutions has been one of growth, learning, and collaboration. As I continue to explore this field, I carry with me the invaluable lessons learned and the confidence to tackle future challenges head-on.

Sudeepini: Navigating Pandemic Challenges with IIIT-H Data IHub Foundation 

In the midst of a world grappling with the complexities of pandemics, my fellowship at the IIIT-H Data IHub Foundation became a transformative journey. Focused on “data-driven graph-based inference methods for pandemics,” this experience not only shaped my personal and professional growth but also underscored the value of interdisciplinary collaboration. 
Our quest began with the realization that conventional metrics lacked the sophistication required for pandemic control. We needed a spatiotemporal analysis tool capable of capturing the nuanced variations in graph signals over time and space. 

This insight led to the development of a spatiotemporal metric designed to precisely capture these fluctuations. However, the journey was not without its challenges. Collaborating with the IIIT-H Data IHub Foundation and the guidance of our professors proved indispensable in overcoming these hurdles. 

The collaborative spirit within the IIITH IHub community played a pivotal role in our progress. Regular group discussions became a melting pot of ideas, allowing us to refine our algorithms, evaluate diverse perspectives, and effectively weigh pros and cons. This collaborative approach was the catalyst for our success. 

Through this journey, I gained valuable skills and lessons: 

  • Interdisciplinary Thinking: Integrating knowledge from diverse disciplines is essential for tackling complex, real-world problems. 
  • Data Analysis and Algorithm Development: Skills honed in data analysis and algorithm development are invaluable and transferable. 
  • Collaboration: Harnessing collective intelligence through teamwork is vital for tackling complex challenges. 
  • Adaptability and Persistence: These qualities are crucial in overcoming research challenges. 
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Evidence-based decision-making is essential in public health. 

In conclusion, my journey with the IIIT-H Data IHub Foundation has been an enriching experience. I am deeply grateful to this community and our esteemed professors for their support. Together, we are advancing towards a future where data-driven solutions enhance pandemic control and public health efforts.