Celebrating Excellence: Ms. Sweatha Pappachan Receives Kalpana Chawla Award 2022-23

We are thrilled to share the remarkable news that Ms. Sweatha Pappachan, a valued member of our team currently serving as a Product Engineer in the Data Foundation team at IHub-Data, has been honored with the prestigious Kalpana Chawla Award 2022-23

A Trailblazer at IHub-Data

Ms. Sweatha’s recognition is a testament to her unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to SAEINDIA activities, all while making invaluable contributions to IHub-Data. Let’s delve into some key highlights that showcase her remarkable journey at our esteemed company:

Kalpana Chawla Award 2022-23

The Kalpana Chawla Award, a prestigious honor presented by the SAEINDIA foundation, is awarded to the best female SAE member at the national level. Ms. Sweatha’s enthusiasm, commitment, and active participation in SAEINDIA activities distinguished her as the deserving recipient of this esteemed award, reflecting positively on the culture of excellence cultivated at IHub-Data.

Leadership Roles and Achievements:

  • Collegiate Club Membership Chair (2022-23):
    Ms. Sweatha served as the Membership Chair of the collegiate club, playing a pivotal role in recruiting 151 new memberships. Her efforts significantly contributed to the growth and vibrancy of the club, aligning with the innovative spirit at IHub-Data.
  • Tier 3 Achievements (2023):
    She secured the first position in the sheet metal event and the third position in the technical paper presentation at Tier 3 (2023), showcasing her technical prowess and expertise that resonates with the high standards set by IHub-Data.
  • Bicycle Design Challenge (BDC) 2021:
    Ms. Sweatha captained the BDC 2021 team, securing an impressive AIR 2nd position. Her leadership and technical acumen were instrumental in the team’s success, reflecting the problem-solving and collaborative ethos at IHub-Data.
  • M-baja Team Member (2023):
    Additionally, she was an integral member of the M-baja team in 2023, contributing to the team’s overall performance and innovation – values that echo IHub-Data’s commitment to excellence.

Dedication to Volunteerism

Ms. Sweatha’s commitment to volunteerism further highlights her passion for SAEINDIA activities. Notable roles include volunteering for Tier 3 in 2021, serving as a Tier 1 coordinator at the college level, and actively contributing as a volunteer to the SAE club since 2020 – embodying the spirit of community and collaboration that defines IHub-Data.


In celebrating Ms. Sweatha Pappachan’s achievements, we take pride in recognizing the harmonious blend of her individual excellence and the vibrant, innovative atmosphere at IHub-Data. Her story is not just an acknowledgment of personal accomplishments but a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication to excellence that defines our organization

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Sweatha and look forward to witnessing continued success and innovation from her and the entire IHub-Data team.

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