Fellowships, Publications, and Patents


S.NO.Student & Superviser NamePHD/MSProject TtitleFellowship period 
1Ayyappa Swamy – K. Madhava KrishnaMS3D Skyline Reconstruction for UAV NavigationJAN 2021-DEC 2021
Extension (Jan 2022-Apr 2022)
2Purva Sharma – Dr. Anil Kumar VuppalaPHD Development of resources and clinical tools for the assesment of speech disorders from speechJAN 2021-DEC 2021
Extension (Jan 2022-Dec 2022)
3Pawan kumar y – Prof. Raghu Reddy & Prof. Syed AzeemuddinMSVREye Research ProjectJAN 2021-DEC 2021
4Annesha Mazumder – Dr. Prabhakar, Dr. Tapan & Dr. Syed AzeemuddinPHDDetection of Biomolecules using Portable Radio Frequency Based Sensing PlatformsJAN 2021-DEC 2021
5Ishan Patwardhan – Dr. Sachin ChaudhariMSAir pollution monitoring using vehicular nodes in the city of hyderabadJAN 2021-DEC 2021
6Supreeth s Karan – Kavita Vemuri & Avinash SharmaMSSpine KinematicsJAN 2021-DEC 2021
7Piyush Singh – Dr. Vinod PK & Prof. C V JawaharMSDeep learning framework for cancer classification and survival prediction using image-omicsJAN 2021-DEC 2021
Extension (Jan 2022-Dec 2022)
8Anushkha Tiwari – Dr. Aftab M HussainMSFetal and maternal health monitoring employing Fetal phonocardiography(FPCG) and Electromyography(EMG) techniqueJAN 2021-DEC 2021
9Arpit Sahni – Dr. Abhishek SrivastavaMSRESPIRE: A reliable and fast wireless pneumonia detector with litmus test capability for paedlatric careJAN 2021-DEC 2021
10Arpita Dash – S. Bapi RajuMSCharacterization of development and ageing of the brainJAN 2021-DEC 2021
11Balvarun Pedapudi – Prof. Kishore KothapalliMSEfficient K-mer counting using GPUsAUG 2021-JULY 2022
12Jayadev Naram – Dr. Pawan KumarMSOptimization models & solvers for recommendation with additional feedback or constraints for high dimensional tensor dataAUG 2021-JULY 2022
13Prasha Srivastava – Dr. Zia AbbasMSDesign and tuning of cardiac pacemaker through machine learning and generative adversarial networksAUG 2021-JULY 2022
14Sravya Vardhani S – Dr. Ravi Kiran SMSWisdom of binned crowdsAUG 2021-JULY 2022
15Souradeep Deb – Dr. Sachin ChaudhariMSA GIS-based analysis of particulate matter (PM) OF different indian regions obtained from mobile IoT nodeAUG 2021-Mar 2022
16Sara Spanddhana – Dr. Sachin ChaudhariMSMachine learning based calibration of low-cost gas sensors for air pollution monitoringAUG 2021-JULY 2022
Extension (Aug 2022-July 2023)
17Suba S – Dr. Nita ParekhPHDDatabase construction and analysis chest x-ray and CT-scan images on COVID-19AUG 2021-MAR 2022
18Mirishkar Sai Ganesh – Dr. Anil Kumar VuppalaPHD Speech Based Healthcare information systems in telugu languageAUG 2021-JULY 2022
Extension (Aug 2022-July 2023)
19Nayan Anand – Prof. Chiranjeevi YarraMSAutomatic spoken data validation for human-computer interaction (HCI) under indian contextAUG 2021-JULY 2022
Extension (Aug 2022-July 2023)
Extension (Oct 2023-Mar 2024)
20K. Dharani Tejaswini – Prof. Vishal GargPHD A databank for residential energy utilization in indiaAUG 2021-JULY 2022
Extension (Aug 2022-July 2023)
Extension (Sep 2023-Feb 2024)
21Ihita G – Dr. Sachin MSSecuring IoT-enabled Smart Cities AUG 2022-JULY 2023
22Anis Fatema – Dr. Aftab PhD Smart Chair: Analysis of Sitting Postures using Artificial Intelligence-based Flexible Pressure Sensor ArrayAUG 2022-JULY 2023
23Shishir Maurya – Prof. Vishal Garg MSDisaggregated load profile data in Hyderabad households. Aug 2022-July 2023
Extension (Sep 2023-Feb 2024)
24Shreyas Jaiswal – Prof. Santosh NannuruMSLearning source motion trajectories from sensor array data.AUG 2022-JULY 2023
25Sudeepini Darapu – Prof. Santosh NannuruPhD Data-driven graph-based inference methods for pandemic. AUG 2022-JULY 2023
26Mishra Neel Ashok – Dr. Pawan MSQualitative Data Augmentation using Scalable Diffusion ModelsAUG 2022-Mar2023
27Debjani Mallick – Prof. Ashok Kumar DasPhDBlockchain-Enabled Public Key-Based Encrypted Search on IoTEnabled Private Data and Big Data Analytics on Retrieved DataAug 2023-July 2024
28Om Kathalkar – Prof.Sachin ChaudhariMSReal-time Air Quality Index (AQI) Estimation using a Multiple Camera Setup for the Indian Traffic ScenariosAug 2023-July 2024
29M HOZAIFA KHAN – Prof. Ravi KiranMSBenchmarking AI via Cooperative Games and Multimodal Agents: Pictionary as a Case StudyAug 2023-July 2024
30Parvathi Priyanka Kommagouni  – Prof. Anil Kumar VuppalaMSA novel approach to distinguishing typical and atypical stutter patternsAug 2023-July 2024
31Hrishi Narayanan –  Prof Nita Parekh (advisor) and Prof Prasad Krishnan (Co-advisor)MSInformation Theoretic Approaches to DNA Sequencing and DNA Data StorageAug 2023-July 2024
32Debashis Barik – Prof Nita ParekhMSIntegrated miRNA and mRNA expression profiling of breast cancer subtypesAug 2023-July 2024
33Sasanka GRS – Prof.Santosh NannuruMSAnalyzing naturalistic stimuli fMRI to learn brain empathy networks.Aug 2023-July 2024
34Aadya Ranjan – Prof. Rajakrishnan RajkumarPhDEnhancing Linguistic Resources for Scientific Hypothesis Testing and Engineering Applications in Spoken HindiAug 2023-July 2024
35Pranjal Mahajan – Prof. Abhishek SrivastavaMSRadar-based Non-contact HR/BR measurement systemAug 2023-July 2024
36Sirigiraju Meenakshi – Prof. Chiranjeevi YaraPhDLabel Unaware Speech Intelligibility Detection and Diagnosis under Spontaneous SpeechAug 2023-July 2024
37Nouduru Venkata Raghavendra – Prof.Zia AbbasMSAccurate PVT aware estimations across different technology nodes and device types using Meta Learning and Domain AdaptationAug 2023-July 2024
38Sandeep Nagar – Prof. Girish VarmaPhDDesigning Fast and Invertible Convolution Layers for Normalizing FlowsAug 2023-July 2024


S.NOType of PublicationsTitlePaper PublishedPublication YearAuthorsConference
1ConferencesMulti-parameter based Characterization o fBiosamples using a Broadband Microstrip Patchbased RFSensorPaper Published2021 1.Annesha Mazumder
2.Syed Azeemuddin
3.Prabhakar Bhimlapuram
4.Tapan K Sau
2ConferencesDesign and Implementation of 0.23 nJ/bitReference-Spur-Free FSK/OOK Transmitter at 400MHz for Wearable Health MonitoringPaper Published2021 1.Abhishek Srivastava 2.Devarshi Das 3.Maryam Shogachi BhaginiIEEE
3ConferencesMulti-view Planarity Constraints for Skyline Estimation from UAVImages in City Scale Urban EnvironmentsPaper Published2021 Ayyappa Swamy Thatavarthy, Tanu Sharma, Harshit Sankhla, Mukul Khanna, Madhava KrishnaInternational Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications
4ConferencesA new geometric approach for three view line reconstruction and motion estimationin Manhattan ScenesPaper Published2021 Ayyappa Swamy Thatavarthy, Tanu Sharma, Madhava KrishnaConference on Robots and Vision (CRV)
5ConferencesComparative Study of Filter Banks to Improve the Performance of Voice Disorder Assessment Systems using LTAS FeaturesPaper Published2021 
Purva Barche, Krishna Gurgubelli and Anil Kumar Vuppala
Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association Annual Summit and ConferenceDecember 14-17, 2021, Tokyo, Japan
6ConferencesCustomizable Head-mounted Device for Detection of Eye Disorders using Virtual RealityPaper Published2021 Pawankumar Gururaj Yendigeri, Sai Anirudh Karre, Raghav Mittal, Raghu Reddy, Syed AzeemuddinIEEE International Conference on VLSI Design and Embedded Systems
7ConferencesTowards Conducting Effective Locomotion Through Hardware Transformation in Head-Mounted-Device – A Review StudyPaper Published2021 Pawankumar Gururaj Yendigeri, Raghav Mittal, Sai Anirudh Karre, Raghu Reddy, Syed AzeemuddinIEEE Conference on Virtual Reality + 3D User interfaces
8ConferencesEnhancing Configurable Limitless Paths in Virtual Reality EnvironmentsPaper Published2021 Raghav Mittal, Sai Anirudh Karre, Pawankumar Gururaj Yendigeri, Raghu ReddyACM Innovations in Software Engineering 
9ConferencesComparative Evaluation of New Low-Cost Particulate Matter SensorsPaper Published2021 Ishan Patwardhan, Spanddhana Sara, Sachin Chaudhari2021 8th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud)
10ConferencesNonnegative Low-Rank Tensor Completion via Dual Formulation With Applications to Image and Video CompletionPaper Published2022 Tanmay Kumar Sinha, Jayadev Naram, Pawan KumarProceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2022
11ConferencesStructured Low-Rank Tensor LearningPaper Published2022 Jayadev Naram, Tanmay Kumar Sinha, Pawan KumarOPT Workshop, NeurIPS 2021
12ConferencesWisdom of (Binned) Crowds: A Bayesian Stratification Paradigm for Crowd CountingPaper Published2022 Shravya shivapuja,Mansi pradeep Khamkar, Divij Bajaj, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Ravi Kiran SarvadevabhatlaMM ’21: Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Multimedia.
13Papers in recognised JournalsResidential electricity current and appliance dataset for AC‑event detection from Indian dwellingsPaper Published2022 Pavan Ramapragada, Dharani Tejaswini K, Vishal Garg, Jyotirmay Mathur,Rajat GuptaEnergy Informatics.Academy Conference 2022 (EI.A 2022)
Vejle, Denmark. 24-25 August 2022
14ConferencesInvestigation on air conditioning load
patterns and electricity consumption of typical residential buildings in a tropical wet and dry climate in India
Paper Published2022 Dharani Tejaswini K, Pavan Ramapragada, Sraavani Gundepudi, Kandukuri Prabhakara Rao, Vishal Garg, Jyotirmay Mathur, Rajat Gupta Energy Informatics.Academy Conference 2022 (EI.A 2022)
Vejle, Denmark. 24-25 August 2022
15ConferencesSecurity for oneM2M-Based Smart City Network: An OM2M Implementationpaper published2022 G.V. Ihita, Vybhav.K. Acharya, Likhith Kanigolla, S. Chaudhari, Thierry Monteil15th International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS (COMSNETS) 2023
16ConferencesExploring Histological Similarities Across Cancers From a Deep Learning PerspectivePaper Published2022 Ashish Menon*, Piyush Singh*, CV Jawahar, PK Vinod
17ConferencesInteractive Learning for Assisting Whole Slide Image AnnotationPaper Published2022 Ashish Menon, Piyush Singh, C.V. Jawahar, P.K. VinodACPR 2021
18ConferenceDeep architecture for DOA trajectory localizationPaper Published2023Shreyas Jaiswal, Ruchi Pandey and Santhosh NannuruIEEE 2023
19ConferenceElectricity consumptions patterns using electric load profiles in hyderabad households, IndiaPaper Published2023Shishir Maurya, Ganesh Cgs, Vishal Garg, Jyotirmay MathurACM Buildsys 2023
20JournalA review of residential energy feedback studies.Paper Published2023Rishika Agarwal, Madhur Garg, Dharani Tejaswini, Vishal Garg, Priyanka Srivastava, Jyotirmay Mathur, Rajat Gupta
21ConferenceAssessment of residential district cooling system based on seasonal consumption dataPaper Published2023Madhan Kumar K, Jyotirmay Mathur, Srinivas Valluri and Dharani TejaswiniThird Energy Informatics Academy Conference, EI.A 2023
22ConferencesProtocol for hunting PM 2.5 emission hot spots in citiesPaper Published2023Spanddhana sara, Andrew Rebeiro-Hargrave, Shreyash Gujar, Om Kathalkar, Samu Varjonen, Sachin Chaudhari, Sasu Tarkoma

Env sys 2023
23ConferencesThe Application of Mobile Sensing to Detect CO and NO 2 Emission Spikes in Polluted CitiesPaper Published2023SPANDDHANA SARA, Andrew Rebeiro-Hargrave, Ayu Parmar, Pak Lun fung, Ishan Patwardhan, Samu Varjonen, C Rajashekhar Reddy, Sachin Chaudhari, Sasu Tarkoma

IEEE Access
24JournalIIITH-CSTD Corpus:Crowd sourced Strategies for the Collection of a Large-scaleTelugu Speech CorpusPapers Published2023Ganesh S Mirishkhar, Vishnu Vidhyadhara Raju V, Meher Dinesh Naroju, Sudhamay Maity, Prakash Yalla, Anil Kumar Vuppala
25ConferenceInvestigation of the Mechanical Reliability of a
Velostat-Based Flexible Pressure Sensor
Paper Published2022Anis Fatema, Shirley Chauhan, Mohee Datta, Aftab M HussainIEEE FLEPS
26ConferenceAnalysis of Interpolation Techniques for a Flexible Sensor
Mat for Plantar Pressure Measurement
Paper Published2023Anis Fatema, Ivin Kuriakose, Rohan Gupta, Aftab M HussainIEEE 
27ConferencePolypyrrole-based Cotton Flexible Pressure Sensor using
In-situ Chemical Oxidative Polymerization
Paper Published2023Anis Fatema, Saurabh B Mishra, Mohee Datta, Aftab M HussainIEEE
28ConferenceUnsupervised speech intelligibility assessment with utterance level alignment distance between teacher and learner Wav2Vec-2.0 representationsPaper Published2023Nayan Anand, Meenakshi Sirigiraju, Chiranjeevi YarraINDICON
29Papers in recognised JournalsUnderstanding Seasonal Variations in
Residential Electricity Consumption: A
Pilot Study Using Electric Load Profiles
Paper Published2023 Shishir Maurya, Ganesh CGS, K. Prabhakar Rao, Vishal Garg, Jyotirmay MathurIJACR
30ConferencesUnravelling Speech Disfluencies: A Novel Approach to Distinguishing Typical and Atypical Stuttering Patterns. Paper Published2023Priyanka KommagouniInterspeech
31ConferencesDesign and Measurements of mmWave FMCW Radar Based Non-Contact Multi-Patient Heart Rate and Breath Rate Monitoring SystemPaper Published2023Jewel Benny, Pranjal Mahajan, Srayan Sankar Chatterjee, Mohd Wajid, Abhishek Srivastava___
32ConferencesAnnotating a Corpus of Hindi Spoken DataPaper Published2023 Aadya Ranjan, Sidharth Ranjan, Rajakrishnan RajkumarThe South Asian Forum on the Acquisition and Processing of Language 
33ConferencesIIITH MM2 Speech-Text: A preliminary data for automatic spoken data validation with matched and mismatched speech-textPaper Published2023Nayan Anand, Meenakshi Sirigiraju and Chiranjeevi YarraO-COCOSDA
34ConferenceA preliminary data for automatic spoken data validation with matched and mismatched speech-text contentPaper Published2023Nayan Anand, Sirigiraju Meenakshi, Chiranjeevi Yarra___
35ConferenceUnsupervised pronunciation assessment analysis using utterance level alignment distance with self-supervised representationspaper published2023Nayan Anand, Meenakshi Sirigiraju and Chiranjeevi Yarra2023 IEEE 20th India Council International Conference (INDICON)
36ConferenceSummer Electricity Consumption Patterns in Households Using Appliance Load Profilespaper published2023Shishir Maurya, Ganesh CGS, Vishal Garg, Jyotirmay MathurACM Buildsys
37ConferenceOn Achievable Rates for the Shotgun Sequencing Channel with Erasurespaper published2024Hrishi Narayanan, Prasad Krishnan and Nita ParekhIEEE International Symposium on Information Technology (ISIT), 2024
38ConferenceMeta-Learning algorithm for improved leakage estimation in digital circuitspaper published2024Nouduru Venkata Raghavendra, Deepthi Amuru, Zia AbbasISCAS 2024


YearTitleStart Date (DD/MM/YYYY)End Date (DD/MM/YYYY)Number of ParticipantsRegistration Number
2022Portable Air Quality and Traffic Monitoring DeviceNA1/28/2022