SRISHTI-24: Nurturing the Next Generation of AI Innovators

SRISHTI-24(Student Research Internship on Technological Innovations) is a summer internship program offered by iHub-Data, the Technology Innovation Hub at IIIT Hyderabad for undergraduate engineering students to cultivate their academic and research skills in the exciting field of technological and innovation.
The program specifically targeted top performers from engineering colleges around Hyderabad. After completing an AI/ML course offered by iHub-Data, these students were recommended for SRISHTI-24. Throughout the six-month program (January 1st to June 30th, 2024), they received invaluable mentorship from a distinguished group of 18 supervisors. These supervisors, qualified research leads, and their teams from various IIIT Hyderabad research centers, ensured each student received focused guidance tailored to their interests and skill sets.
While Artificial Intelligence (AI) remained a core focus, SRISHTI-24 offered a wider exploration of technological frontiers. Students had the opportunity to work on projects in diverse domains like computer vision, natural language processing, and speech processing. Additionally, the program expanded its reach to encompass Robotics, Web Development, and Design, providing a truly enriching and well-rounded experience.
Over the program, interns actively participated in tackling a range of problems alongside their supervisors, contributing meaningfully to ongoing research projects. This hands-on experience proved to be a stepping stone for many, opening doors to coveted full-time internships and jobs in AI at leading companies. The program’s success is a testament to its effectiveness in nurturing the next generation of AI experts.

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