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International Advanced Summer School on NLP (IASNLP-2024)

The 12th Advanced Summer School on NLP (IASNLP) was held at IIIT Hyderabad from June 21 to July 6, 2024. The theme of this year’s program was Natural Language Generation, with a focus on introducing participants to advanced topics and current research in the context of Indian language NLP.

The event began with a two-day pre-summer school session, introducing essential tools and concepts. The main program featured a blend of lectures and hands-on project work. Renowned researchers delivered lectures on topics like linguistics, natural language generation, language modeling, and machine learning, occupying half of each day. The other half was dedicated to projects, mentored by experts.

IASNLP 2024 was a success, offering students and young faculty a comprehensive dive into Indian language NLP, combining lectures, project work, and mentorship for a dynamic learning experience. Participants gained deeper insights, practical skills, and valuable connections.

iHub-Data graciously extended its support to this exceptional event, enhancing the overall experience for all participants. For more details, visit the IASNLP-2024 page.

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