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Machine Learning for Molecular Sciences

ML4Science – 09 March to 12 March 2023

ML4Science 2023 is the first meeting in the proposed annual series after the initial pre-pandemic meeting on ML4Science at IIIT Hyderabad in November 2019. This meeting will focus on the applications of Modern Machine Learning methods in the general area of molecular sciences (Molecule/Drug/Material design, Interatomic potentials, MD simulations, etc.). The number of participants, approximately equal number of scientists and young researchers, is limited to about 70. There will be 20 talks, ~40 posters, hackathon sessions and enough time for discussions. It is desirable that the talks and posters present an ongoing work (or recently published work) with machine learning methods as one of the components.

iHub-Data is sponsoring the event. More details can be found here.