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National Symposium on Data-driven Deep Disruptions

21 – 23 November 2022

Data-driven solutions have found to enhance quality of life and its expressions in a wide variety of applications. In healthcare, for instance, presence of such solutions promise less erroneous approaches in diagnostics, prognostics or even in recovery. The fact that carefully designed solutions can cater to problems in a large spectrum of domains, makes data-driven solutions one of the most promising enterprise of human creativity.

iHub-Data in association with IIIT Hyderabad is hosting a three-day symposium at IIIT Hyderabad to bring closer different stakeholders – research community, academics, government officials, NGOs, industry leaders, incubating start-ups and social science critics – for enhancing or exploring mutual collaboration.

The three day event, gaining traction in the visible media, will include discussions, debates, workshops and lectures.

The Events


  1. KRB Auditorium, IIIT Hyderabad
  2. CIE Premises, IIIT Hyderabad

List of registered participants.

PS: Registrations have been closed. There is no spot registration.

IIIT students, faculty members or staff are welcome to attend any session.


Certificates of participants (and here too)

Teachers and students who presented posters are requested to fill up data in this link

Winners of Symposium Quiz

Kukkamalla Sandesh

Kovvuri Surya Venkata Reddy

Basava Venkata Savinay Prabhath

Penujuli Subrahmanyam

Nalabothula Venkatesh

Cherukuri Bhani Prabhas

Hamsa Priyaa KS

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