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Summer Research Internships (SRiSHTi-22)


The internship program is aimed at empowering undergraduate technology students to develop research aptitude and/or product development skills, at an early phase of their professional career. It could also help networking professionals from other educational and research institutions in India, to take up research assignments at scale, in future.

Duration of Internship

SRiSHTi has been designed to be a campus-residential program with a duration of seven/eight weeks, where interns would be selected by members of faculty from different research centres of IIIT Hyderabad. The program would be during May-June 2022.

Selection Process (history)

The first screening process involving general aptitude for technical research was over on 13 March 2022.

Submissions for the second screening process got over on 06 April 2022.

Distribution of marks for top performers (boys and girls) at the exam !!

[…when the nature of questions posed were gender-neutralised…]

Submissions of essays were evaluated and final list of interns selected have been appended below on 25 April 2022.

The 10th Edition of Workshop on Excitement of Research was organised on 21 April 2022.

YouTube link (on Excitement of Research)

Results informed to all winners (of Qualifying Exams)

The list containing names of 879 students who qualified the first stage of screening, can be found here. A complimentary T-shirt was dispatched to all the winners for displaying their keen interest in taking up research internships at IIITH.

Progress of Internship

Apart from participating in ongoing research projects, each intern would be required to attend weekly sessions for group/individual activities to sharpen their skills. They would have to update on progress made on a weekly basis. In the end, each intern would also be presenting their contribution.

Certificate of Internship

At the end of seven weeks of internships, all participants would receive certificate of having successfully completed internship program at IIIT Hyderabad.

Dates and Details

First Online screening exam (13 March 2022) : Exam Link (for historic purpose only)

Interview period: March/April 2022

Announcement of final results: 25 April 2022

Commencement of Internship: 16 May 2022

Valediction day: 30 June 2022

Certificates: Awarded to Interns.

List of Interns (currently under consideration)

The list of interns and their supervisors published here, should be taken as a formal document for internship. A printout of this page could be used by students to obtain permission from their parent department/institution.

Hostel accommodation would be available from 15 May till 01 July 2022 (or for shorter period in between the dates).

Invited Session on Deep Learning Applications – Prof Bapi Raju

Centralised Sessions

Ice-breaking – SRISHTI TeamMay/18
Logos in Technology – CK RajuMay/19
Overview of Speech Applications – Anil VuppalaMay/25
Overview of Research in Healthcare – Prof BapiMay/27
Design of Games – Kavita VemuriMay/30
Development of Games – Kavita VemuriMay/31
Pytorch Basics – Hands on – Ekta Gavas (T)Jun/01
Introduction to ML for graphs – Charu SharmaJun/03
Introduction to Quantum Information – Siddhartha DasJun/07
Introduction to Biomedical Engineering – Anshu SarjeJun/08
Deep Learning Applications for ECG/EEG – Prof BapiJun/09
DNA – A New Paradigm for Data Storage – Prasad KrishnanJun/13
Marketing for Engineers – Varma KonalaJun/15
TF/Keras Coding Competition – CK Raju (T)Jun/16
Some Research Experiences – Kamal KarlapalemJun/17
Machine Learning in Agriculture – S AnbumaniJun/22
Computational Social Sciences – Prof Ponnurangam KuramaguruJun/23
Machine Learning and Computational Chemistry – Prof DevaJun/24
Android-coding : Tweaking on Digital Clock CK Raju (T)Jun/25
Android-Coding – Sensor Applications CK Raju (T)Jul/08

Valediction Speech

Prof Praveen Rao, University of Missouri

Post-event Analytics

A little over 6650 students (from all over India) took part in the registration process, of which 2600 applicants were from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka region. The charts beneath capture the spread. For ease of visualising, data pertaining to AP/Telangana/Karnataka has been shown separately.

Participant preferences and their year of study were as listed herein.

Selection of Interns
879 applicants were selected at the end of first phase, which was an objective-type exam conducted online.

The second screening process involved testing students’ ability to comprehend a given project and submit a summary writeup.

At the end of second screening process, 124 students were admitted for internship, of which 32 of them preferred to do it from remote.

27 research supervisors absorbed these 124 interns in their ongoing research programs.

A total of 13 Research Centres were involved in executing the research assignments, which included
CVEST, CVIT, ML Lab, LTRC, CSG, CSTAR, CCNSB, DSAC, RRC, SPCRC, SERC, and CogSci. INAI and Data Foundation (TIH) also absorbed interns who were interested in coding assignments.

Feedback by Interns

Some aspects from a sample feedback obtained from interns, after concluding the internship are appended below.