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Student Research Internship on Technological Innovations – SRISHTI – 24

Student Research Internship on Technological Innovations – 24 is a program promoted and sponsored by iHub-Data, the Technology Innovation Hub at IIIT Hyderabad for enhancing the academic and research skills of undergraduate students pursuing a degree in engineering in India. Interns will be selected by faculty members from various research centers at IIIT Hyderabad.

The program necessitates students to engage in research or related activities, guided by a qualified research supervisor and a team of researchers at a specified research center of IIIT Hyderabad.

List of Interns and Supervisors :

Link to the feedback from the SRISHTI’23 interns.

Talk on Large Language Models (LLM) by Prof. PK

On 10th March 2024, over three exhilarating hours, a hands-on workshop on Large Language Model (LLM) V1.0 unfolded with fervor and excitement by Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru. Attended by over a hundred enthusiastic students from various engineering colleges around Hyderabad, the workshop delved deep into the intricacies of natural language processing and machine learning. Topics ranging from fundamental concepts like probability distribution, N-grams, and word embeddings to advanced techniques such as RNNs, LSTMs, sequence-to-sequence models, and transformers were explored with zeal. Participants engaged in practical exercises on encoder-decoder architectures, multi-head attention mechanisms, tokenization strategies, pre-training, fine-tuning, and applications like language modeling and classification. As the workshop came to a close, anticipation for the upcoming V2.0 session filled the air, promising further exploration and discovery in the realm of large language models.

Program Coordinators: