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Women in Science and Technology

A seminar in connection with International Day for Women in Science and Technology was organised on 11 February 2022.

“Attribute-based Access Control Paradigm” by Dr Vijayalakshmi Atluri, Rutgers University and Dr Gunjan Batra from Kennesaw State University.

    Abstract: Attribute-based Access Control Paradigm: The primary focus of the talk will be on ABAC Mining that automatically discovers ABAC policies and incrementally maintain them. The flexibility, scalability, portability, dynamic nature and identity-less features of Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) make it an attractive choice for enforcing fine-grained access. However, in order to realize the true benefit of ABAC, it is necessary to develop mechanisms to effectively configure, deploy, maintain, and manage it.

    “Cybersecurity and Machine Learning” by Dr Bhavani Thuraisingham, University of Texas, Dallas

    Abstract: Cybersecurity and Machine Learning: Machine Learning and Security are being integrated to solve security and privacy challenges. For example, machine learning techniques are being applied to solve security problems such as malware analysis and insider threat detection. However, there is also a concern that the machine learning techniques themselves could be attacked. Therefore, the machine learning techniques are being adapted to handle adversarial attacks. Furthermore, due to privacy violations caused by machine learning, privacy enhanced machine learning techniques are being developed. To assess the developments on the integration of Data Science/Machine Learning and Security over the past decade and apply them to the Internet of Things, the first part of the presentation will examine the developments on applying Data Science techniques for detecting cyber security problems such as insider threat detection as well as the handling attacks to machine learning techniques. Some developments on privacy aware and policy-based data management frameworks will also be discussed