About iHub-Data

iHub-Data has been established by IIIT Hyderabad with an aim of promoting research & technology development, fellowships, skill development, entrepreneurship, start-ups, and international collaborations so as to firmly entrench data-driven technologies within its operating domains and beyond.



The Hub will help coordinate and enhance national research and solution development efforts in the Data (Banks, Services and Analytics) areas and take them to the highest global academic standards. Applications towards the betterment of the society around us will have a special focus at the Hub, along with the translation of technologies into viable products and promoting startups based on those technologies.

To be a global leader in research outcomes that also impacts our society with the technologies that are translated to local industries and governmental agencies.

To play a central role in development and penetration of data-driven technologies by taking a proactive strategy in curating and creating data banks and data services.

To catalyse, nurture, and enable the growth of an ecosystem with researchers, technologists, practitioners and entrepreneurs in the area of data-driven solutions to the local problems.

The Grand vision for the Hub is to become the pre-eminent reference for datasets for AI researchers world-wide and also develop solutions using these datasets to address population scale challenges resulting in wide societal impact.